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Important City Contacts

Nashua City Hall   589-3000
Four Hills Landfill   589.3410
Nashua School District   966-1000
Ledge Street Elementary School   966-2280
Main Dunstable Elementary School   594-4318
Nashua Fire Rescue   594-3651
Nashua Police Department   Non-Emergency


Welcome to my website!

Welcome – Thank you for visiting my website.

It was a privilege to serve as your alderman in Ward 5 from 2006 to 2014.  A number of things were accomplished during that time:

  • Prevented over-commercialization of West Hollis Street 
    - WSMN site & sites adjacent to landfill
  • Supported neighborhood-compatible development such as Second Nature Academy, YMCA relocation, & Crossway Christian Church 
  • Led efforts with Police/Public Works to prevent crime in parks
  • Reduced taxes through careful, fiscally-responsible management of the landfill
  • Demanded stringent odor controls at the landfill and prevented importation of regional garbage
  • Addressed neighborhood street and traffic issues throughout Ward 5 including:
    - Ridge Road, W. Hollis Street, Gilson Road, Fordham, Gendron, Sagamore, Countryside

While you can always contact me regarding concerns or questions you may have, please direct constituent issues to Mike Soucy, your current Ward 5 Alderman, via phone at 603-765-7973 or email at mps107@aol.com.

Serving as your alderman has truly been an honor and a privilege.  The past eight years have only solidified my commitment to Nashua and you, my fellow citizens.  I am sure our paths will cross again. 

Mike Tabacsko